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Hearing Protection

Exposure to noise is the number one cause of sensorineural hearing loss in the United States. Even a single exposure to loud noise can cause permanent hearing loss. Protect your hearing with hearing protection from New Hartford Hearing Center. Whether your exposure to noise happens on the job, at the shooting range or on the ATV trails, the hearing specialist will match your protection needs with the earmolds or earplugs that are right for you.

Even if you just need quiet for restorative sleep or protection from wind or water, we have devices for that too.

Custom earmolds

Conventional earmolds are made to be worn in the average ear bowl. But ears are as unique as fingerprints, and there’s no “average” ear bowl. Custom earmolds are made from a cast of your ear. Therefore, they fit better, provide better protection, and are more comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Trust the hearing specialist at New Hartford Hearing Center to fit you with a custom solution that’s as individual as your ears. Shooter’s earmolds offer an attenuator to allow you to hear conversation while blocking out the sound of gunfire. Other electronic models amplify some noises while blocking out others.

Custom earplugs

Earplugs are worn in the ear canal. They are made from a soft, spongy material or a harder, more rigid material. Many are fitted with cords or handles to make removal easier.

Earplugs can protect against wind and water as well as noise exposure. Frequent travelers and shift workers wear custom earplugs to create a quiet environment for better sleep.

Custom earplugs are made from a mold of your ear canal. They fit more comfortably than off-the-shelf solutions and provide superior protection as they conform to the contours of your ear canal.

Hearing protection for musicians

Musicians have special hearing protection needs. Every practice session or performance puts hearing at risk. But traditional hearing protection devices muffle and distort sound, which impacts the quality of music.

New Hartford Hearing Center offers custom earplugs made specifically with the needs of musicians in mind. These devices are made with attenuators that permit safe decibel levels to pass through while reducing dangerous levels without distortion.

In-ear monitors allow you to hear sounds of voices, instruments and even crowd sounds without dangerous amplification. These devices replace on-stage monitors and protect hearing.